Screenwriter, occasional actor and voice over artist


Adi is a comedy/dramedy TV and feature writer with a passion for grounded sci-fi and fantasy and creating fun, juicy roles for women of all ages. Born and raised in Israel, Adi has been obsessed with American TV and film since childhood. After her (mandatory but fun) army service, Adi moved to New York and attended the New Actors Workshop Conservatory under the legendary Mike Nichols. She went on to perform sketch, standup, and improv for over a decade. Since changing her focus to screenwriting, Adi’s scripts have been placing highly in contests, winning the comedy category of Final Draft Big Break, PAGE top 10, Tracking Board top 25 and many more. Her Jewish romantic comedy “Made For Each Other” premiered on Hallmark in February 2023. She is currently working a new comedy feature for Mar Vista.



A secret experiment allows Julia, an unhappy underachiever, to visit parallel realities, and see what her life would have been like had she made different choices.


When Martha, an overweight, middle-aged teacher, signs up for an experimental weight loss drug trial, she experiences an unexpected side effect - superpowers.


An unsettling prediction from a psychic sends a dreamer down a life path she never expected to take.


Days before her arranged marriage, a young Hasidic woman leaves her closed-off community and family to stay with her extremely secular cousin in Los Angeles and experience the world for the very first time.


After her untimely death, a wife and mother of three grown daughters comes to appreciate for the first time how deeply broken and troubled her family has become — only to discover that even from beyond the grave, she may not be completely powerless to help them.


When a troubled, vulnerable woman uses a magic spell to shrink her apathetic, pill-popping shrink to the size of a crayon, they must put their differences aside and join forces to reverse it, while working through the issues that brought them to this point.


Margo's husband cheated, Janet's husband left her with 4 kids, Annie's girlfriend vanished without an explanation, and Zoe's ex published revenge porn. Together they form a powerful friendship and rediscover who they are in this dramedy about life after love.


When a strong-headed Israeli actor with no money or prospects makes the abrupt decision to return home after 20 brutal years in Hollywood, she finds herself a stranger in her own land and must learn to readapt to her culture as she starts from scratch.


New relationships can be passionate, confusing, and complicated, and that’s just with two people. But when Jessica falls for Scott and Iris, they all enter new, unfamiliar territory – living as a triad.


When Greg, a slovenly man child, hires Michelle as his personal trainer and life coach, he realizes too late her methods include her moving in with him, and that her life is an even bigger mess than his own.


Over 17 years of experience ranging from commercials, animation, IVR systems and more, working in English and Hebrew.

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